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Our Vision

Less By Design

Precision & Discipline

Design is a Teamsport


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Our Story Our longterm relationships are built on listening and accountability





Our Team Good design happens when experts work together as a team

Steve Martinuzzo in a suit Steve Martinuzzo balancing blocks saying FORM and FUNCTION

Steve Martinuzzo

Managing Principal, Co-Founder (Industrial Designer)
BA-ID Dist RMIT 1985

Steve has a wide and strategic product development experience including numerous analytical instruments and medical devices for companies including Agilent, Leica and Rauland.

Alongside his leadership at Cobalt, Steve has served as a Director and Victorian President of the Design Institute of Australia, and being a Board member of numerous state and federal government committees, as well as an awards judge and expert witness. More recently Steve has been an Auditor in a government-led Design-to-Business programme, bringing strategic and user-centred design thinking into broader client engagements.

Outside work, Steve’s kids keep him on his toes.

[email protected]

+61 3 9320 2230

Jack Magree in a shirt Jack Magree jugglinf tennis balls

Jack Magree

Principal, Co-Founder (Industrial Designer)

Jack’s hands-on approach has lead Cobalt’s design direction since he co-founded the group in 1996.

Specific product experience includes over 20 years of defibrillator development for Heartsine, and more recently he has spearheaded our instrumentation design work with Bio-Rad. Another highlight has been the Cylite HP-OCT which has been recognised for both its design and engineering.

Fittingly as a passionate Melbourne Demons fan, Jack has shaped the very look of Melbourne through various major transport projects like Melbourne iconic trams and trains as well as the award-winning Victoria Police Booze Bus.

[email protected]

+61 3 9320 2230


Warwick Brown Warwick Brown holding rope

Warwick Brown

Principal (Industrial Designer)

Warwick’s career was forged as an in-house designer with Camatic Seating, a company with significant in-house manufacturing.  Before reaching a position as Head of Design, he joined former university classmates Steve and Jack in their recently formed design group, CobaltNiche.

Throughout, he has applied his technical and manufacturing know-how and analytical approach to projects requiring smart mechanical and DFMA (design for manufacture and assembly) solutions.

[email protected]

+61 3 9320 2230

Kynan Taylor Kynan Taylor

Kynan Taylor

Associate Principal, Senior Project Leader (Mechanical Engineer)
BEng (Mech) Hons, UTAS 2002

A member of the senior team at Cobalt, Kynan has over 18 years’ experience developing products across a range of industries including medical, consumer electronics, automotive and advanced manufacturing. He cut his teeth with developing advanced composites for Formula 1 and aerospace in the UK, before developing innovative cycling products for iconic Melbourne brand Knog.

Applying his strong design for manufacture and assembly skills, Kynan applies a methodical and analytical approach to all projects. He has extensive experience leading multifaceted design teams to develop innovative products from concept to mass production.

Outside work, Kynan loves being outdoors with his growing family, and going fast; from skiing to motorsports.

[email protected]

Kate Bednarz Kate Bednarz with a softball mitt

Kate Bednarz

Senior Project Leader (Industrial Designer)
B. Des Industrial Design (Masters), Swinburne, 2012

With over 10 years of industry experience, Kate obtained her Masters in Industrial Design through Swinburne’s pilot Design Factory programme with Aalto University, Finland. After starting her career as an in-house designer, Kate joined Cobalt in 2017, bringing with her a wealth of manufacturing and OEM knowledge.

As a Project Leader she manages several high profile, long-term local and international clients, and combines a high aesthetic standard with a focus on usability and quality translation into production. Kate has also earnt the title of Design Team Leader, becoming a key member of the professional development group, and supporting the design team to push their skills to the next level.

Kate Glass Blowing

Karen Magree

Karen Magree Karen Magree

Marcus Krigsman

Marcus Krigsman Marcus Krigsman playing a guitar

Jane Omond

Jane Omond Jane Omond

Graeme Marshall

Graeme Marshall Graeme Marshall admiring a model car

Andrew Fanning

Andrew Fanning Andrew Fanning with climbing ropes

Ben Goodwin

Ben Goodwin Ben Goodwin

Chris Morrish

Chris Morrish Chris Morrish looking panicked as he holds a flaming sausage with his tongs

Toto Cho

Toto Cho Toto Cho

Lucinda Monie

Lucinda Monie Lucinda Monie

Davis Tolley

Davis Tolley Davis Tolley eating popcorn

Justin Yuan

Justin Yuan Justin Yuan looking through a binocular

Lin Chen

Lin Chen Lin Chen

Nathan Scanlon

Nathan Scanlon Nathan Scanlon

Rachel Hook

Rachel Hook Rachel Hook with a sewing machine

India Luscombe

India Luscombe India Luscombe

Ethan King

Ethan King Ethan King performing a large playing card spring

Awards Recognition feeds our conviction to improve

Cobalt Design


2021 Australian Export Awards - Creative Industries Finalist

Maton Guitar Case


2017 Good Design Award Gold

2017 Premier's Design Award Finalist

IXL Fresco Aurora


2017 Premier's Design Award Finalist

Concave Football Boots


2016 Good Design Award Gold

2016 Premier's Design Award Finalist

2014 Good Design Selection

2013 Premier's Design Award Finalist

Cobalt Design


2016 Victorian Manufacturing Hall of Fame

Innovito Mobile Coding Van


2016 Mercedes Benz Innovation Prize

Cobalt Design


2016 Design Institute of Australia Award for Professional Practice

ONE299 Backpack Frame


2016 Land Defence Australia Innovation Award

Agilent 5100 ICP-OES Spectrometer


2015 Museum of Applied Arts and Sciences Selection Award

2015 Good Design Award Gold

Asylum Seeker Resource Centre Food Justice Truck


2015 Premier's Design Award Joint Overall Winner 2015 Premier's Design Award Best in Category

2015 Good Design Selection

Velo Twista Balance Bike


2017 Good Design Award Gold

2015 Premier's Design Award Finalist

Cabot’s Deck Hand


2014 Good Design Selection

2014 Premier's Design Award Finalist

Suitpack Suit Carrying Luggage


2014 Good Design Selection

Agilent Cary 630 FTIR Spectrometer


2013 Australian International Design Award Best in Category

Blue Monkey


2014 Good Design Selection

2013 Premier's Design Award Finalist

MineLab F3 Compact Mine Detector


2012 Australian International Design Award Best in Category & Patron Award

Agilent Cary 630 FTIR


2012 Instrument Business Outlook Design Gold Award

2013 Australian International Design Award - Best in Category

Zgo Monitor Arm


2012 Australian International Design Award

LEX Slimline LED Exit Sign


2010 Australian International Design Award

STATx Blood-Type Analysis Instrument


2010 Australian International Design Mark

Varian 600-IR Series FT-IR Spectrometer


2009 Australian International Design Mark

Agilent Varian 900-LC Series Chromatography Instrument


2008 Premier's Design Mark

Varian 400DS


2008 Australian International Design Mark

Heartsine Samaritan PAD


2005 Australian International Design Award

Victoria Police 'Booze Bus'


2004 Australian International Design Award