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The world’s most integrated range of decking application tools

Cabot’s Signature Range is a coordinated accessory system designed to simplify the finishing and maintenance of decks and other outdoor timber. Each tool addresses specific user needs through unique design solutions which reduce the effort, complexity and time needed for outdoor wood care.

DeckPrep is a rugged brush used to clean and prepare decks for oiling. The brush has been designed with thick outer bristles (to transfer scrubbing power) and thin inner bristles (to retain higher volumes of cleaning solution). This balance delivers the best preparation performance with minimal exertion. Additionally, an inbuilt scraper helps remove harder materials, whilst the squeegee removes excess water, reducing drying time.

DeckCoat – The design cleverly holds a lambswool sleeve without the awkward drawstring covers of existing applicators. The single-direction pivot head allows users to apply oil with more control, and longer and straighter strokes along the grain, helping to minimise oil wastage and providing a consistent, high-quality finish.

DeckPole – Both DeckPrep and DeckCoat fit onto a common pole, giving users the choice of having a separate pole for each tool, or cost/space saving benefits by interchanging the tools. A modular push-button interface allows for future products to be fitted, expanding the product range.

DeckHand Bucket is a revolutionary accessory in the application of decking products. Used from preparation and cleaning through to application, the bucket features a large 15-litre capacity, a wide base to allow an applicator pad to be fully submerged, and a folding drainage tray positioned down during deck preparation and up during application.

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2014 Good Design Selection

Good Design Selection

2014 Premier's Design Award Finalist

Premier Design Award

Design Outcomes



Optimised Bristles

Ease of Use

The Team We believe good design happens by expert people working as a team.

Steve Martinuzzo

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Giles Matthews

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Chris Morrish

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Sebastian Funke-Kupper

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Commercial Impact

Sales Growth


Brand Awareness

User insights are key to an improved deck maintenance experience

Traditionally Cabot’s R&D and innovation have excelled within its core chemical-based liquid coating products. Through these projects, Cobalt has demonstrated how design can help Cabot’s improve and even broaden their customer experience by going beyond ‘wet stuff in a can’.

Through observation and trials, design and direct user insights have improved each of the technical issues and consumer bugbears encountered in decking maintenance. This has made Cabot’s Signature Range the world’s most complete and integrated range of decking application tools.

Cabot’s Signature range has significantly increased Cabot’s accessories sales and contributed to year-on-year sales growth. Based on their success, Cabot’s will seek to leverage its brand and market leadership across all user touch points related to wood care.

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