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Service Charter

Cobalt has a commitment to our client, professional practice and the final product outcome. Once authorised, this Service Charter will be a mutual guide to the working relationship we seek with our clients. Cobalt will:
  • Use our expert knowledge, experience and resources to best meet our client’s commercial, functional and cost targets of the product or project as outlined in an agreed proposal.
  • Keep our clients informed and in control of the development process, project budget, product performance decisions and risk reduction strategies of the project by communicating regularly and honestly.
  • Recommend sustainable design directions and solutions that reduce environmentally and socially negative impacts.
  • Act with professional integrity and respect and follow industry best-practice standards of consulting, confidentiality and business ethics.
  • Keep to our agreed budget unless; there are new requests, or there are factors outside our control which increase our work relative to our original understanding.
  • Warranty our work by correcting any errors for which we are responsible at our own cost where a project follows the tasks, approval and prototyping processes recommended by Cobalt.
You, our client undertakes to:
  • Understand that new product development involves risk, even if it appears simple. Higher risks can be minimised through strategies such as additional research, prototypes and testing – although the need for these may only become apparent during a project and may increase the development time frame and budget.
And will provide:
  • Prompt and open information, samples and target specifications as requested
  • Reliable and consistent decisions regarding project directions
  • Active participation and availability of necessary resources
  • Timely payments and fair business dealings