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Transforming qPCR Systems

The CFX Opus is a molecular biology qPCR instrument used in a wide range of research, diagnostic and industrial applications, setting new temperature uniformity and accuracy benchmarks. Its bold form language encloses mechanical details which place the instrument’s usability, configuration and user-touch points at the same high level as its analytical performance.

biorad cfxopus cobalt work product transparent 1060x1060 2207

Design Objectives


Space Saving



The Team We believe good design happens by expert people working as a team.

Kate Bednarz Project Leader

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Jack Magree

jack magree cobalt about thumbnail 2110

Graeme Marshall

graeme marshall cobalt about thumbnail 2110

Marcus Krigsman

marcus krigsman cobalt about thumbnail 2110

Nat Hunt

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Justin Yuan

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Commercial Impact The CFX Opus delivers faster, more accurate results, providing a significant impact on the fight against COVID-19, and other genetic diseases.

Maintain and grow client’s reputation

Exceeding user expectations

Open new markets

Keeps up modern trends