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A new generation of imaging instumentation design

A digital imaging instrument used for nucleic acid and protein analysis, the Bio-Rad GelDoc Go was designed for ease of use, safety and efficiency from the outset. Its bench top size and rapid processing speed combined with unique client developed imaging technology, allows researchers to see separated proteins in one minute, compared with the 4-16 hours of competitor products. All parts of the system – hardware, software and consumables – were designed to link together harmoniously and intuitively.

biorad geldocgo cobalt work product transparent 1060x1060 2207

Design Objectives


Small Footprint

Smart Packaging

Human Factors

The Team We believe good design happens by expert people working as a team.

Jack Magree Project Leader

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Andrew Fanning

andrew fanning cobalt about thumbnail 2110

Nat Hunt

nat hunt cobalt about thumbnail 2110

Marcus Krigsman

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Graeme Marshall

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Justin Yuan

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Mark Matthews-Frederick

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Craig Burton

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"Cobalt make Bio-Rad instruments easier to use, and faster to ship. With their world-class engineering, design, tooling liaison, digital design and implementation we don't go anywhere else."

Steve Swihart  Bio-Rad Laboratories (USA) Advanced Engineering Manager steve swihart bio rad cobalt testimonial 2110

Commercial Impact All parts of the system were designed to link together harmoniously and intuitively





Other Work