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Fixing broken hearts

This is the first external heart pump device to be developed within China, a country with one of the highest incidences of treatable cardiovascular disease in the world. The MoyoAssist® Extra-VAD is the culmination of an ambitious global development program by Suzhou based medical technology start-up magAssist who engaged Cobalt for the device’s product design and mechanical engineering. As a Class III medical device, it will be used to treat patients with acute cardiac problems before, during and after heart surgery or to support life whilst a patient is waiting for a heart transplant.

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Design Objectives





The Team We believe good design happens by expert people working as a team.

Kynan Taylor Project Leader

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Rob Cuzner

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Graeme Marshall

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Steve Martinuzzo

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Andrew Fanning

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Davis Tolley

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Cobalt’s international experience advances our medical technology to a market leading level – domestically and globally.

Professor Po-Lin Hsu  magAssist Founder and CEO po lin hsu magassist portrait cobalt work internal thumbnail 2110

Commercial Impact magAssist aimed to develop a world class device not just for the Chinese market, but one that surpasses benchmarked products from leading global brands such as Medtronic and Maquet.

Create a competitive debut

Tight timelines

Compete on the world market

Establish reputation and creativity

Other Work