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Digital Design

We integrate screen-based and workflow design within the total product experience and move between digital and physical environments.

USER INTERFACE (UI) DESIGN Creating powerful and positive interactions

A good UI should feel like an extension of the product. It should be intuitive and uncomplicated. We develop products with a cohesive visual language between the physical product and its software. Whether working with your established branding guidelines and style or developing it from the ground up, we’ll ensure the UI enhances the usability and functionality of your product.

RENDERING AND VISUALISATION Photo-realistic images to spark imagination and excitement

Using the latest software tools, our designers can create visually stunning photo-realistic renderings that take your product visualisations to the next level. These images can be used in a number of ways; from a development tool to aid in concept or idea visualisation, to generating interest and excitement for investment and early sales activities or as part of an ongoing marketing campaign. Our experienced team is expert at producing not only visually accurate representations of the product, but also in creating dynamic and diverse scenes and environments that spark imagination and anticipation that help reinforce your brand or product message.

GRAPHIC DESIGN Enhancing product through integrated graphics

Consideration of the product graphics and integration during the product design process will often yield a more consistent and cohesive final result. Cobalt’s experienced team offer a wide range of graphics design solutions including creation of artwork for product branding or marking, product or compliance labelling, packaging design, instruction manuals and supporting literature. Cobalt can also support clients with creation and delivery of marketing materials such as logo and branding design and coupled with our animation and digital asset creation we can develop visually stunning marketing imagery that will help get your product noticed.

DIGITAL SKETCHING Using digital technology to create and deliver ideas

The ability to explore and communicate creative solutions through drawing is a fundamental skill for designers. At Cobalt, we recognise the importance and power sketching and drawing; to initially explore your own thoughts; to then collaborate with colleagues; and finally – to communicate ideas and solutions to clients. Cobalt use a range of digital tools to assist the sketch development process. These tools increase efficiency and enhance creativity by allowing the designer to quickly develop and iterate their ideas, through creation of multiple versions, simple modifications, and the ease of adding colour and texture variations.