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Engineering Design

Transformation of the concept to reality. All elements are meticulously detailed, optimised and documented, to create innovative, functional and manufacturable products.

Mechanical Engineering Bringing reality to the concept and the concept to reality

Our rigorous and systematic engineering expertise has been finely tuned over hundreds of successful projects and 25 years of consulting practice. Our highly skilled, ‘design thinking’ engineers use a variety of tools including the latest computer modelling (CAD) and simulation software to design and optimise the product to meet or exceed performance, usability and manufacturing requirements. We integrate cutting-edge technology with industry best practices and innovative design.

Design for Manufacture and Assembly (DFMA) Our experience ensures every design is ready for manufacture

Design for Manufacture and Assembly is the approach of designing products or components to minimise manufacturing costs. 70% of a product’s manufacturing costs are decided at the design stage, based material, manufacturing methods and efficient assembly. Cobalt builds-in DfMA thinking throughout our NPD (new product development) process. Our design and mechanical engineers’ deep manufacturing knowledge, coupled with practical hands-on experience to create clever, elegant, and robust designs to solve difficult engineering problems that can be easily and reliably manufactured.

Computer Aided Design Every surface, every detail is meticulously modelled, optimised and documented

Computer Aided Design (CAD) has become synonymous with product design and engineering. It allows every detail of your product to be created in a virtual space, eliminating ambiguity and leading to significant enhancement in productivity and effectiveness. It allows fast and efficient development and optimisation of every detail of a component or assembly, from complex 3D models to detailed 2D engineering drawings.

Cobalt run the full suite of industry leading CAD packages including SolidWorks, Creo and Autodesk Alias, allowing us to select the best tool for your project, and seamlessly integrating with your system or process.

Cobalt has extensive experience with 3D solid modelling, advanced A-class surface modelling, mechanism design and motion studies, and 2D engineering drawing creation.

Electronics Engineering Integrated electronic and digital technologies for a complete design solution

Integrating physical and digital elements is vital for creating cohesive user experiences. Electronics engineering is an integral part of this and one which is becoming more critical as the world becomes more digital and connected. Cobalt also integrates electronics design within our development process, allowing us to efficiently progress mechanical and electronic streams in unison.

Cobalt’s electronics engineers work within our multidisciplinary team-based approach; adding their specialist knowledge in developing advanced digital devices that meet the most demanding requirements.

Our core electronics capabilities include:

  • Altium Designer
  • Component selection, circuit design and architecture development
  • PCB design and layout
  • Prototyping and testing
  • Analogue/digital circuit design
  • Wireless, Bluetooth and RF development
  • Embedded firmware
  • EMC and Regulatory compliance
  • Reverse engineering, feasibility and benchmarking