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Market your product or service, strengthen your pitch or give your website an edge through high-resolution computer-generated (CG) animations, images (CGIs) or composites.

Product Animation Animations to suit every need & use case

Animations that focus on a product can fulfil many purposes, such as illustrating a new concept, displaying a product’s potential to investors, launching a new product with impact, or marketing an existing product’s features and benefits. With animation, we can express usability, ergonomics, materials and finishes, mechanical function and technical details that often can’t be effectively captured in other mediums.

While still renders can depict how a material will look, animations allow you to communicate your product more completely, simulating things like the flexibility of silicone, the malleability of a metal or state changes from ice to water. Exploded views and section views can be engaging and informative, offering a rare insight into the inner workings of a product. Whether it be a looping animation for a trade show or virtual brochure, an interactive web widget or a short film, we can develop an animation that’s right for your unique product and application.

Process/System Explanation Communicate the intangible

While some animations hero a product, others are focused on things less tangible – a thought, system, idea, or workflow. Showing a product in the context of a wider system or visualising a process that takes place over an extended period of time requires a well-refined story. Our team are experienced in finding ways to visualise complex systems or processes to produce an output that is clear, engaging, and effective.

Applications include:

  • Visualising steps and procedures
  • Showing an assembly process
  • Instructional demonstrations
  • Communicating a product journey

Trade Shows & Event Videos Generate interest and excitement

The context of where an animation will be shown is critical to determining its timing, complexity, and what visuals or information is shown. Videos for trade shows and events are a common request from our clients. To grab the attention of an audience that may be surrounded by stimulus and short on time, we create content that can be absorbed at a glance. Looping animations are a great way to create visual stimulation for an extended period. This type of animation can reinforce your presence at a tradeshow or event by engaging a wide audience, prompting conversations and interactions, enhancing credibility and creating greater awareness of a product, system, technology or brand.

Event Image by Ian Wong