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Designing the most advanced mobile analysis instrument

The most mobile, ergonomic and feature-rich analysis instrument of its type in the world, this infrared molecular spectroscopy technology can determine the chemical composition of almost anything, anywhere. From production materials, to geological samples and even historical artefacts. Agilent’s 4300 FTIR places this amazing technology in the user’s hand across a range of industries and research applications, allowing faster, more accessible scientific analysis to improve our understanding of the wider world around us.

agilent 4300 cobalt work product transparent 1060x1060 2207

Design Objectives



Rugged Protection


The Team We believe good design happens by expert people working as a team.

Brett Capron Project Leader

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Libby Christmas

libby christmas cobalt about thumbnail 2110

Marcus Krigsman

marcus krigsman cobalt about thumbnail 2110

Daniel Booker

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Andrew Beard

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Commercial Impact The recipient of several design and industry awards and while also expanding sales into diverse markets.

Expanded markets

Exceeded sales targets

Solidify client’s market position

Competitive advantage

Other Work