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Road safety innovation through automotive design

Victoria, Australia is recognised as a world leader in road safety initiatives, especially mobile alcohol & drug testing. This is the legacy of the revolutionary second-generation Alcohol & Drug Testing (ADT) Vehicle, designed by Cobalt and winner of a 2004 Good Design Award.

In 2018, Victoria police embarked on a new project to develop the third generation ADT vehicle - a vehicle to become the flagship of police operations once again, and one that embodies their role as both enforcer and protector.

Cobalt was again engaged as principal design partner to provide expert Industrial design and engineering expertise to develop a new, cutting-edge vehicle platform to help reduce the number of preventable deaths and injuries due to drunk or drug-impaired drivers.

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Design Achievements






The Team We believe good design happens by expert people working as a team.

Mark Matthews-Frederick

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Jack Magree

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Graeme Marshall

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Adam Dean-Smith

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Bernie Walsh

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Warrack Leach

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Victoria Police ADT3 parked with officer opening up integrated drawer for roadside safety equipment

Building off a legacy

Since Cobalt designed the previous testing vehicles, we distilled over 14 years of user insights to take the new ADT to a new level. Knowing the kind of power and endurance the bus would require, the ADT is built on the proven Iveco Metro chassis.

Safety was considered throughout every aspect of the ADT, such as the continuous plane floors of the bus providing officers and civilians clear and unobstructed exits in case of an emergency. The low-floor layout allows officers to mobilise quickly and professionally while accessing emergency equipment from unobtrusive storage compartments.

Many new features exist in this iteration of the ADT, including a programmable LED screen on the back of the vehicle, which can alert drivers of changed conditions and prepare them to slow down and stop for testing. Also appearing for the first time is the roof-mounted electro-pneumatic mast light, which rises & pivots to a height of 9m to illuminate the entire testing zone, whilst minimising glare for approaching traffic.

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