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Grabbing Innovation by the Horns

eShepherd is a virtual herding solution developed by Cobalt for agri-tech innovator Agersens. The integrated system allows farmers to remotely manage and monitor their livestock from any smart device, no matter where they are – safely, reliably, and humanely.
The heart of the system is a wireless IOT and GPS collar device fitted to cattle or dairy cows. Through a computer or mobile app, farmers can set up “virtual fences” to define grazing areas for their livestock.

This is a significant game-changer, as it enables more efficient pasture use as well as environmental benefits, such as allowing wildlife to move about unrestricted; and being a flood and fireproof method for preventing cattle from polluting waterways.

eShepherd is the result of original CSIRO research which demonstrated that cattle can quickly learn to stay within a virtual boundary using a combination of non-aversive audio signals and aversive electrical pulse. The device triggers an audio cue first when the cow approaches the farmer-set boundary, before emitting a pulse that causes discomfort rather than harm. Animals quickly learn to stop or turn back on hearing the audio cue and avoid the electrical pulse.

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Design Achievements




Solar Powered


The Team We believe good design happens by expert people working as a team.

Libby Christmas Project Leader

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Thao Nguyen


Marcus Krigsman

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Craig Burton

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Graeme Marshall

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Perrin Boseley

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Davis Tolley

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Andy Kshatriya

Andy Kshatriya
eShepherd project team posing for a group photo

The final product had to balance multiple technical objectives including size, solar harvesting and stimuli positioning.

Libby Christmas  eShepherd Project Leader Libby Christmas

Commercial Impact

Market Interest

Improved Profitability

Reduced Labour Costs


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