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"Cobalt is an amazing team to work with. They are impeccably thorough".

Headlokt’s founder Lisa Cotton came to us with an important insight. Cyclists in Australia, including kids, have had helmet safety so well drilled in and legislated that it’s rare to forget one when heading out for a ride. But the same cannot be said for bike locks though. Especially for nipping to the shops, or to meet a friend for a smoothie.

So, the simple conclusion is to add a lock to the helmet. But of course, the bulk, weight, function and safety of the helmet would likely be compromised.

Our team’s approach: to be uncompromising. We created a helmet that not only looks stylish – the lock integrates with the helmet's contours – but both lock and helmet functions are world-class. The locking mechanism was checked, checked again, and optimised - and with the helmet passing the stringent AS/NZS, US and EU safety standards, the proof is in the pudding.

Or even sweeter, is the recent successful launch using Cobalt’s animated video and rendered imagery, and a subsequent 2023 Australian Good Design Award.

White Headlokt helmet angled view transparent background

Design Outcomes





Peace of Mind

The Team We believe good design happens by expert people working as a team.

Mark Matthews-Frederick Project Leader

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Davis Tolley

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Graeme Marshall

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Andrew Fanning

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Mamoru Tanida

Mamoru Tanida

Ethan King

Ethan King
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Helmet and a lock in one.

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