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Production Management

Provide expert, independent technical advice through the transfer of the product from design/tooling to production.

Supply Chain Management Coordinating all links in the chain

Providing the link between design and manufacture, Cobalt offer project management and technical support services to manage the transfer of your product from design to manufacture. Dovetailing our other production management services, Cobalt can assist with liaison with third party suppliers and manufacturers, management of production timelines and deadlines, product approvals, scheduling, quality assurance, and logistics.

Quality Assurance Ensuring a seamless transition from design to manufacture

Ensuring intended quality of manufactured parts is maintained during production is particularly important during the transition of the product from design to volume manufacture. At Cobalt, we assist clients and suppliers in developing suitable QA procedures and protocols to ensure this transition is as smooth as possible. This may include items such as batch production testing protocols, design and engineering of test or inspection jigs, preparation of QA inspection procedures and assistance with process capability qualification (Cp/Cpk analysis).

Pilot Production Support The dress rehearsal

Pilot production is the final step in the transfer to manufacture process and is often the first time the full production sequence is undertaken. This is also important for projects that require compliance or certification as pilot production units are often used during these stages.

Cobalt can provide full project management and technical support to pilot and pre-production trials. This can include management of suppliers throughout the supply chain, on-site attendance and implementation of the designated QA procedures and protocols.

Low Volume Manufacture Bridging the gap between prototyping and production

Bridging the gap between prototyping and mass production, Cobalt can assist clients with low volume manufacture of your product. With typical volumes ranging from tens to thousands of parts, Cobalt can draw upon a large network of trusted suppliers to achieve optimised cost, quality, and lead time outcomes to meet your project priorities. Low volume manufacture has a number of benefits over moving straight to mass production as it allows you to reduce your upfront tooling investment and MOQs and allows you to get to market faster while reducing financial risk if changes or product refinements are required after launch. It also is a great option for niche products or products with a shorter life cycle.