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Cobalt’s services include live action videography that can be combined with CG animations to provide a complete video solution.

Live Action Videography Take your video to the next level

Cobalt offers a full range of videography and video production services to help tell your product story. Use of live footage in product videos adds an additional dimension and allows the audience to connect with the content more easily. Using leading cameras and equipment, our team can capture a variety of live scenes such as interviews and voice to camera sequences, environment and product use footage that is great for B-roll scenes or detailed product shots that take your video to the next level.

Styling & Editing Visuals to suit your message

We’ll create a look and feel that is unique to your product or brand by refining colour grading and levels or adding elements such as logos or text. Our team efficiently pull together footage with consideration for scene transitions, timing, and overall duration. We’ll handle everything from sound design to script development and narration, then provide you with a video output in the format and compression settings that suit your application.

Hybrid Videos Enhance your product story

Combining live action videography with CG images or animations provides even more opportunity to enhance a story. Whether it’s illustrating a detailed process, telling a story about how a product was created or providing context for a product’s use, hybrid videos are a cost-effective way for complex stories to be transformed into succinct, easy to understand pieces designed specifically for your target audience.

Our experienced team will work with you to create your vision, delivering a compelling story that allows your message to cut through.