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Re-inventing the physics of kicking a football

The Concave boot is a revolution in athletic design. The boot contains the patented Concave Element, which is situated on the instep of the boot (or the ‘sweet spot’) – the point of optimum power and accuracy for kicking a football. The Concave Element naturally complements the convex shape of a football, creating a ‘cup’ for any football.

This design feature allows players to execute kicks with more accuracy, control and power on a far more consistent basis than with a standard football boot. Quantum widens the anatomical elements that make up the sweet spot and fuses these with a ball cupping shape, minimising the margin of error, and increasing power by up to 15% and accuracy by 40%.

The boots feature other innovative features including Metaguard- a protection system for the metatarsal bones of the foot and a concealed lacing system to further improve accuracy and control.

Cobalt are long time design partners of Concave – and assisted with product design and engineering of this revolutionary product right from initial idea to production release and the ongoing product optimisation and improvement.

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2016 Premier's Design Award Finalist

Premier Design Award

2014 Good Design Selection

Good Design Selection

2013 Premier's Design Award Finalist

Premier Design Award

Design Achievements

Optimised Kick

Sweet Spot

Universal Appeal

Elite Level


The Team We believe good design happens by expert people working as a team.

Jack Magree Project Leader

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Graeme Marshall

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Andrew Beard

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Bernie Walsh

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Concave boot kicking Australian rules football

A well run team of very creative designers.

Andrew Theoklitos  Concave International Co-Founder / Director Andrew Theoklitos portrait

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