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Streamlining Fitness

The Adapt Cable Trainer makes exercise readily available outside the commercial fitness environment, its compact design eliminating many of the barriers that prevent the uptake and use of conventional home fitness equipment. Its multi-use functionality provides the benefits of full-body training and rehabilitation, while the innovative wall-mount design adds stability, frees up floor space and positions the trainer so that it is instantly ready for use. The sleek form was ultimately engineered to be unobtrusive, seamlessly integrating into any home or workspace.

The design allows a cable extension of 1.4m in any 3D direction from the wall, and together with the 6 force settings and 9 mounting height options, it provides a wide variety of exercises targeting all major muscle groups. This allows it to cater for applications from lighter weight exercises and rehabilitation to complex movement patterns and major muscle group workouts.

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Design Achievements




Ease of Use

The Team We believe good design happens by expert people working as a team.

Libby Christmas Project Leader

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Davis Tolley

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Craig Burton

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Rob Cuzner

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Thao Nguyen


Ben Goodwin

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Nathan Scanlon

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Warwick Brown

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Graeme Marshall

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Daniel Farmer

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A Refined Solution

The simplicity and sophistication of the user experience was a major design objective, acting as a driver for both the mechanical configuration, design language and human factors design. For example, only two simple and intuitive adjustments are required to set up the Adapt Cable Trainer for any given exercise, and the fresh aesthetic creates an appropriate departure from the typical expectations of ‘steel and sweat’. The design ensures all interfaces are intuitive, and new exercises can be set simply by sliding the unit on its track and selecting the desired force via a dial.

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