About Our Clients

Development Professionals

Professionals like you make things happen. You manage countless day-to-day product challenges, whilst planning for tomorrow’s next big thing. All within limited resources.

We understand. Our designers and engineers are cut from the same cloth as you.

Cobalt provides on-call, expert design and engineering resources to accelerate your existing development programmes, or complete standalone projects that would otherwise stretch your in-house resources.

  • Accountable and professional development teams; practiced in user-centred thinking and problem solving.
  • Quality processes and documentation honed to the highest levels, such as developing FDA & IEC-rated, Class 3 medical devices for multinational clients.
  • Agility to selectively apply this capability to suit each client and project; tailoring the right level from unconstrained and intuitive to highly defined and process-driven.
  • Cobalt’s Principals bring over 100 years of combined product development experience to each new project.
  • You interface Cobalt’s resources (and network of suppliers) through an experienced project leader, to deliver the optimal outcome on-time and on-budget.

Business Owners & Marketing Managers

You have lots on your plate. Products are just one of them. To do your job you need people who know their stuff; people you can trust to get a great result.

We understand performance and value are non-negotiable to business managers. That’s why we’ve continued to grow since 1996; we deliver creative product design to businesses like yours.

We provide independent and strategic product development and marketing-support services to companies looking to innovate, export and thrive.

  • Full suite of development services that accelerate your existing development programmes, or complete standalone projects that would otherwise stretch your in-house resources.
  • Strategic and user-experiences (UX) services include: Design>Business Integration; user-centred research; design thinking and innovation workshops/training.
  • Marketing support includes: Computer animations, packaging design, information.
  • Tailored consulting models, from defined budget to agile/progressive approaches.
  • Transparent proposal and commercial terms, where you remain in control of the process.
  • You own full rights to any IP we create for you.

Entrepreneurs & Start-Ups

You’ve got belief that there’s a better way; you’re running hard to turn your ideas into reality. But you can’t do it alone.

You need experts that get it, and can get you to launch as directly as possible.

Cobalt loves the focus and energy in doing something first, and doing it right. Since 1996, we’ve helped people like Jamie and Abigail Forsythe create a global business (KeepCup), and a whole new product category (reusable coffee cups).

We understand that you need high quality outcomes, but within limited resources/funds. You need someone that shares your vision and ‘can-do’ spirit, but also someone that will tell you what you need to know, when you need to know it.

  • Full suite of development services that transform great ideas into successful products.
  • Integrated marketing support including Computer-generated (CG) animations.
  • Transparent proposal and commercial terms. We work with you, so you remain in control of the process.
  • You own full rights to any IP we create for you.

About Our Projects


As well as the ubiquitous mobile phone in your pocket, ‘devices’ include pathology & scientific instruments, medical devices, healthcare equipment and most handheld electronic products. Cobalt applies our design-research, industrial design and mechanical engineering expertise to create devices that integrate user requirements and human-to-device interaction.

  • Common factors include; technology made relevant to people; precise performance; portability or compact size; regulatory frameworks.
  • Devices are a core technology driven by electronics and software; encased within a physical form. User-centred design aligns these distinct elements.
  • Our dedicated quality system is closely aligned with ISO 9001 and 13485, and provides a flexible yet practical approach, tailored to fit the unique requirements of each project. We employ a customer focused, process-based approach, to enhance efficiency and effectiveness, reduce risk and successfully deliver every project.
  • We integrate our services with those of our client’s in-house tech teams (or specialist electronics development partners) to deliver seamless product development.


To us, ‘equipment’ means any B2B product or ‘business-to-public’ system. From a trades tool, to a surgical instrument; from an airport scanner to stadium seating; ‘equipment’ spans a huge range of product categories. But two common traits across all equipment products; (a) purchasers are well informed and pragmatic, meaning (b) the equipment simply must perform; day-in and day-out.

For equipment projects Cobalt places an even greater focus on planning, definition and quality-system processes from user-insight research through to design reviews and tool-release stages.

  • Meticulous definition of product requirements to establish clear performance objectives.
  • In-depth analysis of user scenarios and anthropometry to suit prolonged/occupational usage.
  • Iterative prototyping, in-house mechanical testing, metrology and simulated analysis to validate performance as early as possible.
  • Our resources are amongst Australia’s strongest collection of digital sketching, rapid prototyping, and advanced 3D CAD modelling systems available.


This is where design gets personal. Consumer products come in all shapes and types, but they all must combine function with an emotional connection. To succeed, people need to feel a consumer product will suit them; whether through expressing their style, their need, or their budget.

Through our user-centred approach we translate user insights into product features that either delight, or in the case of utility products, reduce the drudgery of use.

  • Understanding the users’ needs and context, as well as the competitive and retailer/channels environments.
  • Designs driven by both functional requirements and the emotional expression of the product.
  • Rapid prototyping to gather real user feedback for iterative development/refinement.
  • Accelerated and concurrent development to launch as early as possible.
  • Extending an integrated design process through additional services such as pre-marketing or training animations and videos, retail packaging design, marketing support (instructions, POS).


Cobalt applies our design and engineering skills to custom automotive and mass transit projects. These range from trams, trains and buses; to mining trucks, emergency vehicles and automotive accessories.

Vehicles face uniquely challenging conditions such as vibration, environmental/dust/UV, and operational/vandal damage. They are both workplace and service. Primarily providing a service, they are also a workplace where the driver’s needs rightly needs special attention.

And like all designs, the form of a vehicle is a large and powerful canvas to express the vehicles intent to all that see it.

  • Exterior design (styling) from concept renderings to A-class surface modelling.
  • Interior design, including layout, configuration/access, anthropometrics, sight lines and control panel design.
  • Mass transit design geared to; improved passenger satisfaction levels, dwell times, vandal resistance and refurbishment/installation logistics.
  • Scale models, animated turntables, and VR for internal spaces to communicate early designs to stakeholders.
  • Livery design, styling studies, facelifting.
  • Australian Standards and Design Rules compliance checking.


The distinction between product and service continues to blur. Whether it is purely process-based, digital, partially physical elements or some combination of these, service design (or experience design) share the same fundamentals which underpin product design. Read more about our service design here.

Cobalt’s approach to service design is based on our deep new product development experience refined over 24 years and 1200+ projects. For service design we apply our core new product development principles:

  • Understanding user needs and the real problem to solve.
  • Developing creative solutions through iteration and prototyping.
  • Meticulous technical detailing and documentation to ensure the most efficient implementation and adoption.
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