Micro-Needling with Macro-Innovation

Dermapen pioneered micro-needling instruments, becoming the market leader in their field. However, as with any innovation, competing products have risen up to become stiff competition, challenging Dermapen’s place in the dermatology industry. To respond to this, the Dermapen 4 (DP4) sets a new benchmark, improving the effectiveness of treatments and resolving traditional limitations, such as power-cord handling issues, calibration difficulties and potential cross-contamination prevention.

The new model has an ergonomic, balanced form with a market leading design language, capable of differentiating the brand from an increasing number of generic competitors, and reflecting Dermapen’s R&D leadership position.

The large GUI is clearly readable under a sterile sleeve, while the angled head and cordless operation provide balanced and secure handling. Buttons replace dial inputs allowing gloved or sleeve protected interaction. The world-first dual seal cartridge prevents fluid entering the pen internally and externally, thus further reducing the risk of cross contamination.

The DP4 is just as easy to use as previous models, despite the addition of advanced technologies. The counterbalanced head houses the digital UI at an optimal viewing angle, with a curved shape that prevents the device from being dropped during treatment.


  • Smart cartridges prevent ensure single usage of sterile needles
  • IoT connectivity
  • Single-handed operation
  • Audio feedback with distinct cues
  • Un-tethered or corded use


  • Supports in-home use, significantly expanded market-base
  • New commercial channel with Scar Treatment Market app
  • Custom consumable needling cartridge
  • Cements Dermapen’s global leadership in micro-needling technology


  • Design strategy
  • Industrial Design
  • Form and ergonomic models
  • Product Engineering
  • FEA (Finite Engineering Analysis)
  • Prototyping
  • Tooling liaison
  • CG visualisation
  • Medical Device Design
  • Marcus Krigsman
  • Libby Christmas
  • Craig Stevens
  • Ben Goodwin
  • Perrin Boseley
  • Warwick Brown
  • Chris Morrish
  • Graeme Marshall

A Dermapen World of Firsts

The Dermapen 4 is the first truly digital micro-needling device. Currently, all other micro-needling devices on the market require manual operation for depth adjustment, usually by turning a dial. This alone is problematic, as incorrectly set needles can cause unwanted damage to the skin, or not be effective at all. The DP4 is adjusted electronically via buttons, and the on-screen display ensures practitioners know exact information about their needles.

Additionally, the DP4 is the first device with automatic calibration — the exact dimensions of a cartridge’s needles are recorded into an RFID chip, allowing the DP4 to calibrate for any manufacturing tolerances, ensuring optimal depth for each treatment.

The DP4 is also the first micro-needling tool capable of performing scar-treatments. The patent-pending 16 needle cartridge has unparalleled needling depth, allowing practitioners to access the Scar Treatment market, expanding the horizons of their practice’s offering.

Dermapen wanted more than simply a ‘new iteration’ of their market leading products. With rising pressure from their competitors, they wanted to raise the bar for micro-needling tech, positioning themselves ahead of the crowded market they created — and with a little help from Cobalt, the DP4 has become the new industry standard.

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