A custom vehicle design to keep our roads safe

The iconic Victoria Police’s Booze Bus is an integral part of keeping our roads safe, especially on weekends and public holidays.

Cobalt worked with Brimarco, a truck body building company, to win the tender for the design and supply of a fleet of new booze buses for the Victorian Police. The requirements for the new bus were clear; primarily used for assessing motorist’s blood alcohol levels, the bus needed to be able to transport personnel and equipment to the testing site. Secondarily, the bus needed to act as a sign of police presence and perform as the Victoria Police’s symbolic protection against drunk driving.

 The design approach was much like designing a modern office workstation system, with modular interior design panelling. The interior and exterior were developed concurrently, each affecting the other.

The front cabin section needed to taper towards the nose of the bus to match the chassis. This proved to be a major design challenge; handling this transition from the sides to the front of the bus. The raking windscreen provided the solution, and the distinctive groove line cleverly balances the bulk of the rear of the bus.

The rear entry also made for a cleaner design for the front of bus and facilitates the use of the sleeker, smoother windscreen. This front area created a strong visual signature for the booze bus, unlike most other buses. Rear entry also meant that the cabin remained as a discrete styled ‘pod’ at the front of the vehicle.

All in all, the bus needed to be a safe environment for the police and public, and not only did our designers style the exterior and interior of the bus; they also resolved and detailed how it would be manufactured.


  • New bus to be styled like a ‘rocket’, being both aggressive and streamlined
  • A vehicle with a strong & bold visual message against drink driving
  • Efficient use of internal space for amenities, privacy and security


  • A modular, interior panelling design that also uses vestibules to separate interview rooms
  • High impact exterior surfacing and graphics to maintain a streamlined vehicle with a compelling visual signature
  • A more secure bus for officers via the use of rear entry points and a sweeping wind screen


  • Automotive Design
  • Graphic Design
  • Interior Design
  • Prototyping including clay & foam models
  • Final output for manufacture
  • Jack Magree
  • Shannon Smith
  • Stewart Marshall

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