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Guitars are surprisingly delicate instruments, so it’s surprising that no one has engineered a better way of protecting them in transit. Until now.

Traditional fabricated cases are shaped to suit a wide range of guitar brands and models, resulting in a loose fit. Loose fit and excessive movement transmit external knocks directly to the guitar inside. And their fabricated shell with single density foam do little to withstand loads typically encountered when touring or between gigs.

So Cobalt took a completely different approach. Applying the same thinking as modern bike helmets, we designed an integral moulded shell with a series of layers that provide calibrated force absorption and a tailored fit.

Through engineering analysis, CAD modelling and modern manufacturing processes, the design precisely supports the structural points of each Maton model and provides clearance zones around the guitar’s sensitive/resonance areas. In addition, internal air pockets are positioned throughout the case for cushioning, while the moulded polypropylene case forms a monocoque body, absorbing and dispersing external loads more evenly than fabricated cases.

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2017 Premier's Design Award Finalist

Premier Design Award

Design Objectives

Impact Resistance

Modular Design

Unique Construction and Materials

User Focus

The Team We believe good design happens by expert people working as a team.

Giles Matthews

Giles Matthews

Jack Magree

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Marcus Krigsman

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Andrew Fanning

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Libby Christmas

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