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Combined Ear & Eye Protection

Eyesonic is an eye and ear protection product designed by Cobalt to disrupt the existing PPE marketscape across Europe, UK and Australia. The design innovation comes from the integration of two existing safety products – safety glasses and noise reduction earmuffs - into a single device. This patented gamechanging product provides significant benefits in user-experience (comfort, fit and convenience) without sacrificing safety or performance.

Cobalt developed the product for EyeSonic to address common issues with wearing eye and ear protection together. These compete for position over the users’ ears - resulting in uncomfortable pressure points, poor fit and compromised noise protection due to the glasses preventing a proper seal of the earmuff. These issues are compounded when workers are required to wear additional headwear including hard hats.

EyeSonic uses a single frame or band to mount both the safety glasses and earmuffs. Cobalt engineered this band using optimised geometry and advanced plastics; resulting in a patented frame design which applies firm yet comfortable inward flex to securely hold the earmuffs in place without the need for any additional strap or fixing. Adjustment of earmuff position is easy via a simple ratcheting mechanism, while an integrated pivot allows the glasses to be conveniently repositioned when not in use.

Finally, combining these separate functions into a single product is cheaper and easier logistically for professional industries (where PPE is provided by the employer) and in terms of material use and environmental impact.

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