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A user focused design solution that improves accuracy and saves time

The Blue Monkey Template Level is a must-have tool when marking out openings for power points and light switches. This clever template is easy to use and includes a built-in levelling indicator. Manual marking and levelling can be repetitive and time consuming and may lead to loss of quality. Blue Monkey speeds up mark-out operations, improving accuracy and reducing re-work, making the job of an electrician easier and safer, and reduces the time required to fit out a building.

Blue Monkey provided a springboard for Spears Pacific to enter the professional trade tools market. This project established a high level of interest in the electrical wholesale sector, with its fresh approach helping it to secure distribution with a major channel.

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2014 Good Design Selection

Good Design Selection

2013 Premier's Design Award Finalist

Premier Design Award

Design Outcomes

Ease of Use


Design for Manufacture

Design language

The Team We believe good design happens by expert people working as a team.

Warwick Brown

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Andrew Fanning

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James Hayes

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The grip of innovation

Mark-out jigs for this application have existed in the past, and despite strong demand they haven’t been successful due to a high cost of manufacturing and poor functional design. Cobalt were engaged to bring a professional design approach to iron out these issues, resulting in a relevant and easy-to-use product, with reduced manufacturing and assembly costs.

An innovative approach was required when designing the centre grip to avoid finger position interfering with pencil path. A ‘floating’ grip was crafted without compromise to the overall size of the product, allowing for various holding positions, resolving the issue.

To align with trade aesthetics, Cobalt engineered the product into two parts clicking together for simple assembly. This discarded the need for any screws or glue and allowed for the ability to click in various international sized base plates. Injection moulding process also eliminated subsequent manufacturing operations and therefore minimised assembly time.

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