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Next Generation RV Power Management Systems

The RVMaster range is a family of power management controllers and accessories designed for RV markets in the US, Australia, and Europe. Designed for BMPRO, a leading brand of RV power management systems and battery chargers, the new range includes a pair of wall-mounted, touchscreen consoles (RVMaster, Odyssey) plus a battery-operated, Bluetooth light switch remote. The consoles provide complete control and monitoring of multiple vehicle functions including power and battery systems, temperature, lighting, and onboard features such as slide-out panels and water pumps.

Cobalt worked closely with the BMPRO team to develop the new enclosures that integrate an OEM android tablet with custom electronics and PCBs.

The product components and methods of assembly were developed with close consideration for the unique user needs of all key stakeholders including end users (RV owners), installers (RV manufacturers), service technicians and production teams.

A critical element of the brief was to create two unique and compelling console designs based on a common tablet that could then be sold into separate markets. Both should have a sleek, sophisticated but unobtrusive visual language suitable for installation in a wide range of vehicle interiors, and not look out of place amongst other installed appliances and fittings.

rvmaster cobalt work product 960x960 2208

Design Outcomes

Design Language

OEM Tablet Integration

Simple Installation

Rapid Development

The Team We believe good design happens by expert people working as a team.

Jack Magree

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Kynan Taylor

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Andrew Fanning

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Graeme Marshall

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Daniel Farmer

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Marcus Krigsman

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RVMaster render showing both remote and touchscreen device

Commercial Impact

Brand Expansion

Grant Funding

Time to market