Designed to take on market leaders through clever design and engineering

Zgonic engaged Cobalt Design to create a monitor arm that would help foster a healthy workspace with a pure design, minimalist methodology and a hint of playfulness. The key challenges were to create a new product that outperformed its internationally acclaimed competitors and had tool-less installation and adjustment, a feature that had not been offered before.

The result is a computer monitor arm that offers tangible ergonomic and productivity benefits allowing users to accommodate for posture, comfort and positioning, as the monitor can adjust to virtually any position.

The project was developed within an ultra-compressed timeframe and used a full range of design and engineering resources. From research of commercial furniture trends, concepts were refined and engineered through to production all within 11 months.


  • Tool-less installation & adjustment
  • Customisable coloured side panels conceal unsightly cables
  • Quick release mechanisms for rapid interchange of monitors & laptops
  • 180° locking feature
  • Quick release laptop tray easily adjusts for different size laptops
  • Integrated USB Hub for easily accessible above desk connectivity


  • Received various design awards and shortlistings
  • Outshone more established international market competitors
  • Established Zgonic as a world leading innovator
  • Zgonic has successfully won several large scale international tenders


  • Brand Development
  • Industrial Design
  • Form models
  • Product Engineering
  • Prototyping
  • Tooling liaison
  • Marketing collateral
  • CG visualisation


  • Lorrin Windahl
  • Warwick Brown
  • Ricardo Figari
  • Daniel Booker
  • Andrew Beard
  • Ryan Harper

World first tool-less adjustment

The intelligent design of Zgo offers style and colour, ease of use, functionality and is environmentally considerate.

Zgo offers tool-less installation and adjustment for an easier and more efficient set-up. An integrated adjustment lever allows the user to easily adjust the spring tension to match their monitor weight without the need for a separate tool. The four bar linkage fingers at the front of the arm provide smooth and weightless tilt whilst the arm’s spring technology allows the screen to ‘float’ in all positions above the desk. Zgo also offers two quick release mechanisms which enable rapid screen interchange and simple replacement of the screen with a laptop.

ZGo’s pure yet characterful styling is complemented by side panels that conceal the cables and adjustment features. These side panels are offered in a range of colours to reflect the colour palette of the office or brighten a neutral environment. Custom branding and graphics can also be printed directly onto the panels.

The optional Zhub (USB Hub) and Znote (Laptop tray) provide increased flexibility of use. The USB Hub, which fits snugly over the base clamp, allows easy, above desk access to multiple USB outlets.  The quick release Laptop tray has been designed to easily adjust for different size notebooks and provides additional tilt for the laptop screen.

Designed to be durable and long lasting, Zgo is built from 29% recycled content and 99% recyclable content. All parts are manufactured, assembled and packaged ready for installation at the same location, reducing carbon miles.

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