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Ionisation technology, now comfortable & accessible.

Tomi, a world leader in disinfection technologies, asked Planet Innovation and Cobalt to help them make deep cleaning significantly more accessible. The result is Sterapak; a breakthrough cordless device which has reset size, weight and portability expectations compared to existing ionisation systems.
The new design gives Tomi a global advantage in markets where infection control is crucial but space and access is limited, such as aviation, public transport and medical facilities.

In this project Cobalt design engineered the backpack module, which houses the internal pump, power supply and electronics. This makes Sterapak a wearable, battery-operated device that can go places no traditional equipment can reach.

Leveraging our experience in loadbearing backpacks, we also developed an adjustable harness which transfers the product’s weight to the user’s hips. This, as well as positioning components to reduce perceived weight, reduces back strain, especially over the timeframe of a cleaner’s shift.

Cobalt placed significant focus on the user’s comfort as well as the product’s effectiveness. Sterapak comfortably fits a range of users, with mounting and venting designed to minimise vibration and temperature levels. While the swappable battery (and quick release latch) allow for an easy mid-shift power change.

We completed the development process within the client’s brief and a very tight timeframe, through our integrated design and engineering-led process, as well as our inhouse 3D printing and manufacturing knowhow.

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Design Outcomes

Design for Manufacture

Accelerated Development


User-Centred Design

The Team We believe good design happens by expert people working as a team.

Libby Christmas Project Leader

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Andrew Jack

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Josh Bell

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Craig Burton

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Ben Goodwin

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Justin Yuan

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"The SteraPak delivers uncompromising efficacy that goes anywhere you go to provide an unprecedented level of control over your disinfection application."

– TOMI environmental solutions  

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