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Our amazing staff are more comfortable getting excited by new design challenges than beating their own drum. So in this series, we turn the spotlight on our team to give you an insight into how they each tick. Our latest feature is on Nathan, one of our talented young product design engineers who began his journey at Cobalt through Swinburne’s placement program. He’s worked on key projects such as the AdaptFit Cable Trainer and OX Exoskeleton.

But what else is there to Nathan?

Favourite part of studying PDE?

My favourite part of studying PDE (product design engineering) was the exposure to industry experience I gained both here at Cobalt and through others that I was able to take part in. This allowed me to apply the skills that I was learning to real projects and clients, and even fit in a little bit of travel during my studies.

Niftiest thing you’ve learnt at Cobalt recently?

There are always new SolidWorks tools to learn so recently I picked up a handy sketch feature and some surfacing tips.

Other general interests outside of work?

Outside of work I like to stay active as much as possible. I’m always out on my road bike and will pick up any sport I can like cricket, tennis or footy. I’m a big Geelong Cats fan too and love to watch their matches.

I’m also into my music and am always on the hunt for new artists and live gigs.

Coolest home-brew product or project?

My bike is currently fitted out with all sorts of 3D printed accessories that I designed. I’ve made myself things like light mounts and a pump mount after getting tired of losing them to bumpy roads or thieves.

Hidden talent?

I’m a big trivia nerd so love getting stuck into the quizzes in the newspaper or trivia game shows.

What did you want to be growing up?

After realising there wasn’t much of a career in being a cowboy, I found my love for sketching and designing so rotated between wanting to be an architect or a car designer.

If you had one superpower what would it be?

I’d want to be able to teleport so I’ve got free, instant travel whenever I like.

If you could take one thing to a desert island what would it be?

Lots of sunscreen!

Best piece of advice for students looking to get in the field?

There are so many different sides of product design engineering and specialties within it so try get experience in as many as you can and then find what areas you want to master in.