PixLite R2F-S and R4D-S LED Controller

Advatek Lighting design and manufacture pixel control systems for LED lighting applications. Creative illumination projects typically deployed on architectural, entertainment and theatre productions rely on control systems to create visually stunning pixel-mapped patterns, images and text. Advatek wanted a new generation of PixLite controller, and partnered with Cobalt to rapidly embody their unique technology in a rugged, configurable and compact enclosure.

Advatek’s inhouse capability is in the system’s core electronics and PCB design. Cobalt developed the industrial design and production engineering of the range working in close collaboration resulting in an accelerated 4-month timeline to market launch.

Cobalt’s key configuration challenge was to enable different variants to be assembled from a common casing.  As well as reflecting the tech’s advanced performance, the device needed to be as compact as possible, whist allowing good finger access to the fuse connectors.

The result significantly upgrades the company’s product design presence and will underpin its global expansion within this specialised, but growing field of large-format LED lighting installation.


  • One enclosure design / two products
  • Mountable and DIN rail-compatible
  • Smallest possible footprint
  • Access to fuses
  • Accelerated timeline
  • BIB Voucher program


  • Rapid entry into market
  • R2F-S or R4D-S housing a strong reiteration of the Advatek Lighting brand
  • Sets a styling message for future products in the range


  • Industrial Design
  • Product Engineering
  • Rapid Prototyping
  • Testing and Evaluation
  • Animation and product visualisation
  • Consumer Product Design
  • Tooling Management
  • Andrew Fanning
  • Ben Goodwin
  • Marcus Krigsman
  • Jack Magree

Designing at light speed

Cobalt’s preliminary design theme boards and exploration of shape and form generated a robust yet refined design language, the new housing featuring chamfered faces, planar surfaces and angular profiles. Despite strong constraints on the product’s overall dimensions, the design needed to remain user-friendly. With this in mind, Cobalt engineered the housing to include features such as:

  • A clear ratchet-hinged lid for providing a view of the fuse array
  • Moulded light pipes
  • Surface mounted LEDs to indicate a blown fuse and allowance for the storage of a spare fuse and hidden DIP switch
  • Adequate spacing around fuses for easy human access and interaction
  • Reinforced ribs to clamp against the PCB to protect from excess force
  • Adaptable to a variety of DIN rail profiles

The DfAM process fast tracked the engineering stages due to product testing and functional reviews being able to be applied to prototype assemblies. This accelerated program was made possible by Advatek contracting Cobalt as a registered Service provider under the Build It Better Voucher program, established by the AMTIL AM Hub. Read more here.

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