The Importance of Australian Made Products

This week, Cobalt celebrates Australian Made week, a time where we draw attention to Australia’s local makers and growers and encourage fellow Australian’s to buy local.

Particularly over the last year, Australian made products have garnered more attention in the wake of the effects of COVID-19 on the economy. Border restrictions, strained trade agreements and the 2020 Bushfires have all contributed to noticeable impacts on our supply chains and has led many consumers to reflect on where their purchases are actually coming from. This is in addition to the decline in the Australian manufacturing industry over the past two decades.

”Australia’s over-reliance on imported products has been highlighted during the COVID-19 pandemic.”

- Australian Made Chief Executive Ben Lazzaro

New consumer research from market research company Roy Morgan show’s that the preference for Australian-made goods increased in 2020, with 93% of Australians stating that they are more likely to buy Australian made products – which is up 87% from a year earlier1.

If every household spent an extra $10 a week on Australian Made products, an additional $5 billion would be generated in our economy, creating 11,000 new jobs2.

Why buy Australian Made?

There are a multitude of reasons why buying Australian made would not only benefit you, but also the local community. Buying local keeps money circulating in the Australian economy – supporting local businesses, creating jobs, and increasing tax revenue.

Locally made products are also known for their high quality, all due to many stringent standards applying to quality-control, safety, business, and labour. It ensures that workers are paid a fair wage, and only the highest quality materials and processes are used in your products. Australian laws also mean that all Australian made products come with reliable warranties and guarantees that can protect you from risks that you may fall victim to otherwise.

Buying local also reduces your carbon footprint, with it reducing the greenhouse gas emissions released by the transport it would need if it was made elsewhere. Moreover, Australia also has strict environmental regulations and policies.

Cobalt's Favourites

Here at Cobalt, the future of manufacturing in Australia is something that we always try and support through all of our projects. This week however, we are highlighting some of our staff’s personal favourites.

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