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Eco-friendly – the buzzword we all hear time and time again, to the point where its meaning can feel diminished…

However, using natural tech to minimise the use of pest-control chemicals on crops. That embodies the term to its full extent.

Crop Capsules is leading biological control innovation.

This fast-growing Australian business has developed a system that includes the dispersal of small, compostable capsules via a light aircraft. Each capsule contains a population of Parasitic Wasps that suppress crop-damaging pests. Over time, this causes the insect pest population growth to slow, and then fall.

In the 2022-2023 season, CottonCAP® capsules were applied to 50,000 Ha of Australian cotton fields to suppress the silverleaf whitefly pest. This reduced the use of insecticides for controlling the target pest by more than 90%.

Cobalt is proud to have worked with Crop Capsules in this venture – providing CAD modelling, engineering, and prototyping services for the capsule itself (don’t worry, we didn’t design any new wasps!).

Change is hard, but it’s made a lot easier when all of your supply-chain has a common view of what future success looks like.

Adam Perkins, Team Manager 

International Recognition

Crop Capsules just landed a top-three finish at Europe’s largest event for the biological pest control industry, for their innovative CottonCAP® and CanolaCAP® products.

Hosted by the International Biological Control Manufacturers Association (IBMA), the prestigious Bernard Blum Award celebrated global innovation in the ever-growing sector. Crop Capsules were finalists out of 37 submissions in the award category ‘Innovative products assisting in the uptake of Biocontrol’.

Learn more about Crop Capsules’ products

It is good to see a product that is considering the economic value to growers on a large scale

Lucius Tamm, IBMA CEO 

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