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Built-in Electronics

Electronics are an integral part of everyday life – from the smartphone in your pocket, to the cars we drive; electronics are intertwined in almost everything we do. The same can be said for new product design, as electronics and their integration within physical products is a huge part of modern product development. Reflecting this, Cobalt is pleased to announce we have recently added electronics design to our development capabilities.

Our approach to electronics design and engineering builds on 25 years of new product development experience. Most of the 1200 products, devices and instruments projects we’ve developed over this time, feature electronics – so we are no strangers to integrating both into highly functional and beautifully resolved products.

According to Warwick Brown, Cobalt’s Chief of Engineering, “The addition of in-house electronics design allows us to better integrate and complement clients who have their own electronics resources; or to provide a one-stop-shop for clients without their own electronics development capabilities”.

Cobalt can support all your electronics development needs, from initial technology feasibility studies to custom electronics design and PCB development, prototyping, testing and assistance with transfer to manufacture.

Leveraged from NPD experience

Cobalt has successfully developed many electronic products in the past, across a range of sectors including consumer, medical, scientific, industrial and agri-tech. The featured electronics (including power electronics, LEDs, lighting, RF and wireless communication) were developed by our clients or specialist electronic development groups.  Therefore, we understand the importance of upholding stringent standards, to ensure both compliance and safety requirements are met, but to also ensure a high performance, functional and cost-effective solution is achieved. Having our own in-house electronics capabilities will further strengthen our integrated approach.

To complement our internal capabilities, Cobalt has strong relationships with a number of electronics specialists who can assist with specific expertise, technology or capabilities when needed. We also have links with several key factories and suppliers in Southeast Asia and can assist with sourcing and manufacture of prototypes. This ensures that no matter what the application, Cobalt can provide expert advice to ensure your project will succeed in today’s technology driven marketplace.

Get in touch to discuss your new product idea or to find out more about our current capabilities.

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