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Dermapen 4 Design Featured on Channel 10 – Australia By Design: Innovations

Winner of a 2018 Good Design Award and a finalist in the Premiers Design Awards, the Dermapen 4 (DP4) has set an outstanding new benchmark in dermatology. As the only digital, vertical micro-needling device in the world it was fitting to be featured in the ‘Australia By Design – Innovations’ television series on Channel 10.

In the segment, Dermapenworld CEO Stene Marshall demonstrates that the DP4 is a leader in med-tech innovation. Oscillating its 16 needles at 120 times per second, the device improves the efficacy of skin treatments and resolves traditional handling and calibration limitations faced by other devices. Its increased effectiveness in drawing collagen to the skin surface means a wider range of skin issues can be treated, including scars. It can be used for both cosmetic and plastic surgery treatments.

Cobalt designed the DP4’s form to be truly ergonomic. Its large graphic user interface (GUI), angled head and cordless operation ensure balanced and secure handling. The world-first dual seal cartridge also prevents fluid entering the pen internally and externally, strongly reducing the risk of cross contamination.

Uniquely, the DP4 speed and depth is adjusted electronically via buttons and it’s the first micro-needling device with automatic calibration. This ensures optimal and accurate needle depth for each patient, skin surface and type of treatment. Additionally, the buttons allow for greater interaction through gloves or hygiene sleeves. Other micro-needling devices on the market require manual operation for depth adjustment, usually by turning a dial. This alone is problematic, as incorrectly set needles can cause unwanted damage to the skin.

Dermapen wanted more than simply a ‘new iteration’ of their market leading products. With rising pressure from their competitors, they wanted to raise the bar for micro-needling tech, positioning themselves ahead of the crowded market they created — and with a little help from Cobalt, the DP4 has become the new industry standard.

Watch a snippet of the Dermapen segment below or see the full episode here.

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