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If a picture tells a thousand words, an animation’s capacity to communicate is infinite. With the Cobalt team busy working on over 20 projects at a time, it’s nice to take a step back at the end of each year to collate some of our favourite project assets into one epic animation; telling the story of a year (or more!) gone by at Cobalt. This highlight reel below features:

Cylite HP-OCT Instrument

A revolutionary ocular imaging and measurement technique that overcomes issues of motion artefacts or data error resulting from patient eye movement during OCT imaging. The HP-OCT (Hyperparallel Optical Coherence Tomography) instrument integrates Cylite’s patented imaging technique into an OCT device delivering industry leading scan rates, fully automatic operation, and high resolution data capture.

V Patch

Designed by Cobalt in conjunction with VPMS, ST&D and world renowned bio-engineer Professor John Anderson, the sophisticated V-Patch technology platform analyses, stores and reports on a patient’s vital signs (such as ECG, respiration, blood pressure and oxygen levels, temperature and movement) using advanced patented biosensors, proprietary RF technology and cell-phone hardware.


The EyeSonic range of headwear provides an unparalleled user experience, combining total ear and eye protection – a safety industry first. Patented flexible band configurations and geometry accommodate all headwear, creating endless future potential.


The third-generation Alcohol and Drug Testing Vehicle (ADT3) was designed by Cobalt and winner of a 2018 Good Design Award. It comprises advanced safety standards as a workplace for officers as well as public and road users, and the interior maximises space and accessibility. It includes private interview rooms, a transformable crew amenities area, as well as a secure stowage of specialised blood testing and emergency response equipment.


The Dermapen 4 is the first truly digital micro-needling device, improving the effectiveness of treatments and resolving traditional limitations, such as power-cord handling issues, calibration difficulties and potential cross-contamination prevention. The DP4 is also the first micro-needling tool capable of performing scar-treatments.

KeepCup – Changing Behaviours

Over recent years, global movements inspired us to reflect on what KeepCup meant to us. Our response was a thought-provoking, concise and engaging 3D animation which we produced ourselves as a positive contribution to the zeitgeist. We sought to convey an emotive story about the positive social and environmental impact KeepCup has made over the past decade – same habit; smaller footprint.


The Samaritan PAD 500P defibrillator is the most innovative device available to support rescuers by providing feedback on the effectiveness of their CPR efforts in real time. The small size, weight and affordability ensure this product is a front runner in the field today. The defibrillator is intended for use by non-medical users and professional rescuers in domestic environments – cases where a cardiac arrest has occurred out-of-hospital.

Internal Projects – F1 Helmet

Cobalt’s Stealth Helmet concept twists the tradition of a typical F1 helmet, hinging open at the back to fit from behind the driver’s head. This allows for a smaller opening with greater comfort around the jawline. The large rear-hinged visor tightly & securely locks the helmet into position around the driver’s head, and reduces the need for over-sizing.

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