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Coding on wheels

Cobalt’s ‘innoVito’ is a vehicle design concept, created as part of the Mercedes Innovation Competition. Developed in collaboration with Code Camp, the concept transforms a standard Mercedes Vito van into a versatile mobile coding education environment.

The concept was awarded first prize in the 2017 competition, announced by Philip Dalidakis MP, Victoria's Minister for Small Business, Innovation, and Trade.

The innovative system features a fold-out pod that can rapidly create desks for up to 20 participants, complete with two 3D printers for hands-on learning. Additionally, it's equipped with an optional power generator and inflatable shade, enabling flexible, location-independent educational activities.

Cobalt's approach involved meticulous design thinking, drawing insights from educational specialists to understand users' true needs. The 'innoVito' concept was honed through an exploratory, iterative process, reflecting the competition's 'hacking' ethos.

According to Cobalt Principal Jack Magree, once a need was determined the solution became clear. “The challenge in Australia is to offer specialist hands-on educational experiences such as coding to children beyond, as well as within, the urban environment” said Magree. With this as a starting point, partnering with Code Camp was one of the easier aspects of the process. “Cobalt can design a physical pod and environment, but working together with Code Camp means we knew the concept can be delivered”.

Mercedes Vito Van

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Jack Magree

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