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For a design company, Cobalt operates at the highest level of engineering practice. To tackle these challenging development projects, we’re supported by Invenio’s CAD and engineering simulation products, as well as their expert knowledge and resources.

It also happens that Invenio is a proud sponsor of the CoolDrive BRT Supercars team. Invenio was happy to offer a free hot lap to Cobalt in the Cooldrive Mustang at Sandown Raceway, the “Home of Horsepower”.

Ethan King, our marketing intern and avid motorsport enthusiast was the lucky name to be randomly selected for this opportunity.

Dark clouds and patches of heavy showers hung over the track day. To make up for the wet track and slower pace, Ethan – firmly strapped in next to driver Tim Blanchard – was regularly sideways!  “After a lifetime of watching the Supercars trackside or on TV, to actually be in one was an emotional experience.” He said it “made my year”.

We would like to take this opportunity to thank Invenio for providing us with this experience. Learn more about Invenio and what they can provide for you.

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