Making measurement manageable

Any parent knows caring for an ill child is a stressful situation. Dr Doser is a unique design solution that helps reduce some of this stress by making it easier to administer pain relief medication.

Common pain relief medications such as Panadol (paracetamol) and Nurofen (ibuprofen) are typically administered in liquid form via a small plastic syringe supplied with the product. This is intended to assist with correct measurement and administration, however confusion and difficulty in reading the small calibrations on these syringes can often lead to an incorrect dose being given to the child.

Dr Doser is a dosing device that eliminates confusion making pain relief safer for children and less stressful for parents. The innovative device has been designed as a replacement to the existing syringe and is intended to come fitted to each bottle of children’s Panadol or Nurofen, forming both the bottle closure and dosing system.

To select the desired dosage, the user simply rotates a collar on the dosing cap which draws a central cylinder out from the bottle. Each quarter turn of the collar is equivalent to a predefined dose increment – typically 0.5 or 1ml. Markings on the dosing cylinder provide visual indication of the current dosage, while a tactile click provides positive haptic feedback to the user after each dose increment. This small, but significant user-experience makes the process of dialing the right dosage volume easier, even within a darkened room.

To dispense the dosage, the user simply pushes down on the cylinder which expels the liquid from the dispensing tip. Dispensing can be done after any dose increment, allowing simple dosage variations. The dispensing tip is removable allowing easy cleaning after each application.  A child resistant lock is also incorporated to the design, ensuring safety in and around the home.


  • Eliminate user error in dosage selection
  • Ensure high dosage accuracy
  • One-way operation to prevent dosage error
  • Integrated child resistant lock
  • Retrofit to existing standard 28mm bottle neck
  • Sized to allow one handed dispensing
  • Developed to allow fast installation and priming during production


  • Novel design that has been patented ensuring IP protection for client
  • Multiple applications potential
  • Designed to meet unit price targets for mass production
  • Design for assembly to allow automated assembly and priming


  • Design strategy
  • Industrial Design
  • Form and ergonomic models
  • Product Engineering
  • FEA (Finite Engineering Analysis)
  • Prototyping
  • Tooling liaison
  • CG visualisation
  • Kynan Taylor
  • Rob Cuzner
  • Graeme Marshall
  • Ben Goodwin
  • Andrew Fanning
  • Steve Martinuzzo

Untapped Potential

Dr Doser’s innovation lies not only in the improved user experience, but also in the internal fluid control design that governs flow of fluid from the bottle to the dispensing tip. A network of one-way elastomeric valves are incorporated within the mechanism to prevent back flow and air ingress. A luer valve is used to seal the dispensing tip to the nozzle, providing a simple, yet robust external connection.

While Dr Doser has been designed primarily for children’s medication, there is potential for use across a number of additional applications.

The design is can be used with liquids with varying viscosities and is easily scalable to accommodate much larger dose sizes. During validation testing, dose accuracy was measured to be within 2%.

Additional applications for the product include beverage/alcohol dispensing, agricultural chemicals, laboratory reagents, paint of pigment manufactures or additional medical uses such as hospital pharmacies or aged care dispensaries.

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