Bringing to life a strikingly innovative activation idea

As a long term client, Cobalt has worked with Concave Sports from ‘start-up’ to a major player in the world of sports apparel. Concave’s flagship product is its revolutionary Concave Football Boot, with a patented Concave Instep developed with Cobalt.

One of our roles as a strategic design partner is to think outside the square and use our creativity and technology ‘know-how’ to suggest new product ideas that add to our client’s business. In this instance, we followed-up our technology development and branding design for Concave with an idea that would help Concave’s distributors communicate the boot’s unique performance.

The KickerTube is an interactive point-of-sale installation where customers can have their kicking speed measured and displayed. Already used in the UK, the KickerTube generates huge customer ‘buzz’ wherever it is set-up. Concave’s audience are performance oriented, tech-savvy football players from generation Y/Z, and the KickerTube appeals directly to their competitive nature. It also reinforces Concave’s proven benefits of delivering greater distance and accuracy.

Mechanically, the KickerTube is designed for quick and portable set-ups, typically within shopping centre car parks. Its large, polyester inflatable structure has integrated ball radar, electronic display and a continuous blower fan to maintain inflation.


  • Unique point-of-sale device- creates a buzz with target audience
  • Highlight Concave boots’ benefits of improved distance & accuracy
  • Easy & fast set-ups
  • Visually draw a crowd


  • Lightweight inflatable frame & netting construction
  • Integrated electronic speed detection radar & display
  • Unique sales & marketing tool for Concave distributors


  • Industrial Design
  • Product Engineering
  • Electronics development
  • Radar Detection Analysis
  • Prototyping
  • Production sourcing and project management
  • User Experience Design
  • Jack Magree
  • Sean Moran
  • Ricardo Figari
  • Daniel Booker
  • Steve Martinuzzo

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