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MedTech Product Design and Development

Cobalt has over 25 years of experience in developing some of the world’s leading medical products and devices. Working in close collaboration with leading healthcare companies such as Heartsine and Equipmed, Cobalt has developed a range of specialist skills and expertise that are required to undertake and successfully deliver medical development projects.

User-Centred Approach We work with clients to deliver better, safer, user centred products.

Cobalt apply a user-centred approach to all medical product development with the aim of improving outcomes for both the patient, and healthcare professional. Understanding typical product users and their behaviours offers a range of insights that are used to inform and guide the design process. These insights allow our designers and engineers to develop innovative, creative solutions that not only address the functional and performance requirements, but also ensure the product will effectively address the user needs; a critical element to any well designed, successful product.

Cobalt employ a range of techniques to develop these insights during each project. These range from observational or ethnographic research, workflow mapping, user/stakeholder workshops, consultation with subject matter experts (SMEs) and product/user testing and evaluation.

Regulatory Compliance Our expert team will guide you through every step in the process

Regulatory compliance is a key part of any medical device development program. Cobalt has extensive experience with developing medical products for global regulated markets such as USA, Europe and China. Our medical device design projects are operated under our dedicated quality management system that is closely aligned with ISO 9001 and the medical device specific ISO 13485. Our system provides a flexible yet practical approach, tailored to fit the unique requirements of each project. We employ a customer focused, process-based approach, to enhance efficiency and effectiveness, reduce risk and successfully deliver every project.

Design Innovation – Engineering Excellence Medical product innovation for world leading healthcare companies

Cobalt has a long history of innovation in design and engineering receiving numerous industry awards and accolades. Many of these were for advanced medical design projects, including the coveted Sir William Hudson award – Engineers Australia’s highest accolade – for our work on the Cylite Optics HP-OCT.

We firmly believe that high quality product development is the result of a highly collaborative environment where a variety of expertise and inputs are combined and distilled to best match the product and user requirements. Our designers and engineers work closely throughout the entire process to ensure form, usability and style preferences are balanced against the practical realities of function, performance, and manufacturability.

Core competencies

Through almost 25 years of successful medical product design, Cobalt has built the experience and knowledge to assist on the most complex of projects. From feasibility studies to production support, Cobalt offers a full product development service that encompasses the entire development process.

Our core competencies include:

  • Design and development planning
  • Requirements definition
  • Usability and human factors engineering
  • Technical feasibility and technology development
  • Industrial design
  • Engineering design and analysis
  • Electronics Engineering
  • Verification and validation testing
  • Prototyping
  • Production support
  • GUI and UX development
  • Regulatory compliance assistance