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We are very excited to finally launch our fresh new website at

In 2021 we engaged the award-winning, Perth-based digital design group, Humaan to develop a new website to specifically focus on our medical and scientific expertise, Alongside this exercise, graphic designers Flint Creative helped us reset our brand. The result was a bespoke logotype, clean guidelines, and a fresh colour palette.

Perhaps it was fate, but just after launching the MedTech specialisation site, our main website was hacked. After scrambling to get this security breach fixed, we were told that if our main website were a car, we should start looking for a new model. Using Humaan’s fully custom-designed site as a base for an all-new website was one of the easier decisions we’ve made in the last couple of years.

So earlier this year, Humaan started developing a new site, with new navigation, templates, and other backend functionality systems. The primary objective being to solve the dilemma of describing our overall capabilities as well as our expertise in each of the key industry sectors in which we specialise. After collaboration with Humaan’s team, we landed on a site structure that merges our general information, with a series of industry-specific ‘microsites’

  • Visitors can quickly navigate to sector pages (microsites) through a simple and common menu.
  • In each of the sector microsites, we focus on the issues and projects important to the specific industry.
  • Unique colours and icon-patterns help visitors know which microsite they are in.
  • Currently we feature MedTech, Transport, Consumer, and Industrial & B2B.

Humaan’s beautiful and functional new website is a massive improvement over our previous website – leaps ahead in usability and user engagement. It also better aligns with our values for engineering rigour, bespoke creativity, and clear, authentic engagements.

We hope you enjoy exploring our new website and discovering what Cobalt has to offer.

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