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Virtual Reality

Cobalt can create the virtual (and augmented) reality which heightens a viewer’s engagement with the product, environment, or narrative.

Virtual Reality Fully immersive experiences

Virtual Reality (VR) provides the ability to create fully immersive experiences for the audience. Using leading software and devices, our team can create unique environments that offer unparalleled engagement and interaction with your product, service, or design. From interactive tours of vehicle interiors that allow design details to be customised in real-time to evaluation of large-scale designs that are cost prohibitive to prototype, VR provides a vast array of opportunities not possible with conventional tools.

Augmented Reality Bringing digital data into the real world

Augmented Reality (AR) blends digital content with the real world. Using 3D data, often created during a product development project, AR allows the audience to visualise this within a live environment- providing opportunity for engagement and connection without the need for physical presence. Our designers can create a variety of experiences that can be accessed on most smartphones or devices, with access through virtual libraries and a unique QR code or symbol.