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Supplier Sourcing

Choosing the right manufacturing partners is critical to a project’s success. We assist clients to identify, assess and select suppliers, both locally and internationally.

Manufacturing Strategy Backed up by over 25 years manufacturing experience

The performance, quality, and reliability of a product depend not only on the design and engineering but the manufacturing processes, materials, and suppliers. Cobalt can assist clients with developing a manufacturing strategy that considers the high number of variables when choosing how, where and by who to manufacture a product. With over 25 years’ experience, Cobalt recognises that every client and every product is different, and a one size fits all approach never works. With a proven track record developing products across a range of industries and manufacturing processes, Cobalt will develop a dedicated approach to suit your project.

Local or Offshore Finding the best option for your product

Cobalt has an extensive network of trusted suppliers across a range of industries both locally in Australia and offshore including USA, UK, China, Taiwan, Singapore, Malaysia, and Vietnam. Whether it is a medical device requiring ISO 13485 certification or a high volume, cost sensitive product, Cobalt can assist in sourcing the right supplier to suit your product needs.

Engagement We’re independent to ensure the best outcome for your product

Cobalt will assist clients with the supplier engagement process to ensure your interests are protected and the best outcome is achieved. Our support is tailored to each project but typical activities can include:

  • Supplier identification, assessment, and capabilities analysis/comparison
  • Initial confidential engagement and supplier consultations
  • Prepare and manage RFQs (request for quotation), commercial negotiations
  • Technical support and liaison
  • On-site visits and supplier audits