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Continuous Improvement

We continue to support clients after the project is launched, especially where expert engineering, testing or documentation is needed for performance, quality and compliance standards.

Technical Support Your long-term development partner

At Cobalt, we’re well aware that the development journey for a product doesn’t end once production starts. Sometimes it is just the beginning as new challenges and opportunities are presented once the product is in the field. This may be to further optimise or improve the product, find a solution to an unforeseen issue or to assist with manufacturing defect or quality issue. Cobalt provides our clients with ongoing technical support to ensure you get the best out of your product.

Engineering Change Requests (ECR) Tracking changes to your product

Developing a product in a regulated environment means that documentation is a vital part of the product lifecycle. Design or engineering changes are often required once a product has been approved or has entered a controlled state, for example once a medical product enters its certification process. Cobalt can support clients in management of Engineering Change Requests (ECR) including changes to the 3D CAD, 2D engineering drawings and preparation of the required documentation to ensure adherence to your document control procedures and quality systems.

Product Optimisation Our creative, experienced team are problem solvers

With ever changing technology, commercial and competitive market landscapes, ensuring your product is leading the pack is a constant challenge. This may be to reduce manufactured cost, improve performance or to modernise a product that has fallen behind the market or industry standard.

Cobalt’s highly skilled team can work with your product and manufacturing experts to:

  • Locate and identify product or manufacturing issues and pain points
  • Consider market, technology, design or manufacturing opportunities
  • Develop a range of optimisation or improvement strategies
  • Assist with implementation of solutions