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Conceptualisation & Planning

Ensure the narrative and key messages are delivered in a compelling and concise way.

Brief & Research Finding the right narrative to engage your customers

The foundation of a compelling and effective animated video is a well-defined brief. It is human nature to connect with stories, and 3D animation provides a platform to share a message, evoke emotion and create strong connections with your offering. At Cobalt, our specialist team will work with you to understand your product, system or service, your brand, the audience you want to reach and the message you want to convey. Through a process of research and collaboration, our team will develop the brief to create a compelling story, narrative or visual concept that achieves your goals, and will deliver the key messages in an engaging and impactful way.

Storyboarding & Script Developing a cohesive story

Storyboarding is a critical step in the development of an animation. It is used to create a scene-by-scene visual representation of the narrative, using still images, sketches, or illustrations. Storyboards allow the key elements of the animation to be developed before any animation work is undertaken, allowing both client and stakeholder review and input. The storyboard also allows early development of the visual style or concept ideas, often critical in communication and reinforcement of the main messages or themes.

A major element of storyboard development is the creation of the script. Whether it’s on-screen text, a narrated voice-over or both, the script is pivotal to ensuring the core message of the animation is delivered in a clear and concise way. Our team carefully consider the composition, timing, and transition of each scene and how these work together with the script to deliver the vision and purpose of the animation.

Art Direction & Visual Style Creating a style unique to your application

The power of animation is the ability to visualise complex or detailed information in a simple and concise way. Animation allows us to push the boundaries of what is visually possible in real life, such as creating scenes with transitioning section views, transparency or eliminating the restriction of physical scale. However, visual style and aesthetic must be carefully considered to ensure it supports the narrative, is compatible with your target audience and works with your brand’s identity.

Using concept sketches, illustrations or still renders, our animation team will work in collaboration with you to develop a unique and compelling visual style that suits your desired outcome, and allows early visualisation of the end result.