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Many parents find measuring syringes supplied with most children’s paracetamol. While under-dosing can simply be ineffective, over-dosing over an extended period of time can lead to severe health problems.

To address this, the Cobalt-designed Dr. Doser makes dosing liquid medicine easier for parents and nurses. The 6ml and 12ml Dr. Doser peripherals can safely administer doses of children’s medicine in 0.5ml and 1ml aliquots respectively, reducing the possibility of providing incorrect doses.


Conventional children’s medicine syringes require the bottle to be overturned over the syringe, and then the syringe plunger is pulled backwards to the desired level. This awkward two-handed method of extracting the medicine is incredibly prone to errors which result in incorrect dosage or wastage. Dr. Doser forms the top of a medicine bottle eliminating the need to overturn it, and can be safely calibrated to dispense the appropriate amount of liquid using only one hand.

Dr. Doser is specifically designed to provide peace of mind through eliminating the variables that would result in incorrect dosage.

Both the 6ml and 12ml variants provide haptic and audible feedback to ensure that the user knows exactly how much liquid they plan to give in a single use. Both variants are child proof for additional safety, and don’t require priming by the end user.

The 12ml Dr. Doser variant also has a unique locking tab, which can securely fasten the dosage system to the neck of the medicine bottle. This compliments the versatility of the 12ml Dr. Doser variant, which is can fit around a medicine bottle regardless of its size.

The dispensing tip has been designed to mimic a child’s pacifier, making it easier for babies and toddlers to automatically latch on to the tip. The finger grip on the top of the dispenser makes dispensing the liquid intuitive and simple – once the child has latched on to the nozzle instinctively, one simple press is all it takes to get exactly the right dose of medicine to the child.

While Dr. Doser is primarily designed for children’s medicine, the potential applications for the product could extend to beverage/alcohol dispensing, agricultural chemicals, laboratory reagents, large paints or pigment producers, as well as hospital/pharmacy/aged care dispensaries. It’s a simple idea with a wide range of applications that are just waiting to be put to good use. Watch this space!