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A couple of years back, Cobalt undertook a programme with Leading Teams. The process was tremendously inspiring, not surprising, given that whole books have been written about the results Leading Teams have achieved at the highest corporate and elite sports levels.

So a couple of years on, we feel we have enough perspective to give a brief overview of our motivation and outcomes in undertaking our own Leading Teams programme.

For our group, the Leading Teams programme has helped us be our best; professionally and collectively. For our clients and suppliers we hope these have flowed through to better project outcomes. But, recognising internal philosophies can be difficult to see from the outside. We’d like to share these statements (tenets) which we at Cobalt have collectively subscribed to.

Trademarks which define us

Our shared values (Trademarks) are Innovation, Professionalism and Passion. We apply these across our business, and within any role; from Admin to Design to Engineering.

Real support

Meeting deadlines, “Technical challenges,” Engaging with clients and high-pressure situations. Everyone at Cobalt works to support each other and share the load in these peak periods. Actions like cutting some slack, a cup of tea or an offer to stay back late are great examples of our team’s support. At Cobalt, there’s no ‘them’ or ‘me’; there is only ‘us.’

Think “team”; value feedback

Cobalt’s strength lies in our people and each project team. Thinking in teams means valuing and respecting everyone, maintaining solid working relationships and having the right conversations with the right people at the right time. Feedback is given and received positively and maturely, ensuring that the team is putting their best foot forward for the project’s success.

Service the client

Cobalt has one purpose— we exist for our clients. On a company-wide level, we value our client’s needs and wants, being professional, friendly and helpful at all times under every circumstance.

Set your own strategies

Multitasking and managing incoming demands/information is the nature of our business. Being individually organised gives every team member the flexibility to ensure that they and others can get their jobs done. On many tasks Principals or Project Leaders will outline what we need on client projects. At an individual level everyone needs to manage how, when and what is done to achieve these tasks.


We should all expect to go to work and enjoy the experience. Being valued and respected is the standard at Cobalt. We show value and respect by taking care of our own responsibilities, not taking others for granted, being helpful and approachable, being polite and never losing your cool.


While our tenets may seem like obvious factors to consider in any good creative team, it takes conviction and balance to maintain these as aspirations people can rely upon. Every member of our team takes these to heart for in the countless actions, decisions, and steps toward the completion of each client project we undertake. They are what have driven us over our twenty-two years of design practice.

Cobalt is more than just a faceless creative development group — we’re a team. We’re always ready to improve, and we’re ready for any challenge that comes our way.