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I recently turned 50 and a photo book was put together to mark the occasion. Of course, given Cobalt has occupied over a third of my life, the album had to include Cobalt people and projects!  At first it was idle curiosity, but it soon evolved into a quest involving dusty CD-ROMs and old archive folders to find pictures of all the people that have worked for us since we started business in 1996.

At Cobalt we have always been aware that we have amazing team members. And that each of these, present and past, have done more than worked on projects during their time with us. They have all contributed to our current capabilities; the processes today’s team build upon and the traditions tomorrow’s teams will aspire toward.

As below, the act of rummaging through archives led us to realise how broad the group of people who have worked for us has become. There is easily over a hundred and fifty people once you include contractors, casuals, interns and work experience students. Many of those that have worked with us have gone onto truly impressive careers within the product development space. Some still have their careers ahead of them, but it is great seeing them all evolve and achieve great things whatever they do.

The exercise is also a great excuse to try and make contact with Cobalt Alumni that we have lost touch with, and see what they are up to.

Below is our progress on the collection so far, with several people still due to send me their pictures for inclusion. So if you, or anyone you know, have been missed in our evolving Alumni picture collection please let me know. Lastly, apologies in advance; the pictures are roughly, but definitely not precisely, arranged according to four chronological periods. We will give you an update once our quest progresses.


Steve Martinuzzo