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Our team are very excited to see that KeepCup launched an important new addition to their modular Helix range last week. An all-new Lid, engineered by Cobalt’s team with a unique two-part plug now allows users to convert their bottle to a cup, and back again in a twist.

While this new lid looks and works like every KeepCup before it, we’ve engineered a very clever ‘underplug’ which seals the drinking and breather holes to a new level. Of course, we designed each of the modules in a variety of materials so that users can find their own unique look within a kaleidoscope of colours and finishes.

The thinking, development and prototyping behind this new range has been massive. We’re proud of our role in this journey, and look forward to seeing this new range help KeepCup’s customers reduce waste in even more ways and places.

This has been a project long in development to generate a product that is highly refined and tested, ready to satisfy KeepCup’s customers.

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