Strategy & Design Thinking

Being good in your field is not enough. Real leadership comes through integrating product designs and branding to solve real user needs.

Knowing what problem to solve requires empathy and strategy. Developing a successful, high quality solution requires innovation and experience.  As practising designers, creativity and problem solving is part of our DNA.

We offer strategic services that enable us to define the problem; generate important user insights; and begin to develop a responsive solution that is at the forefront of your market.  We do this with you, not just for you, so that you can also grow your internal innovation culture.

  • Design Strategy: Board-level consulting to achieve best-practice innovation and New Product Development (NPD) processes throughout organisations
  • Analysis: Defining the right problem to solve
  • Insights: Understanding real user needs through observation
  • Assignments: Undertake specific problem-solving exercises for product and service organisations
  • Training and Workshops: Sharing our innovation techniques with organisations seeking to embed design thinking internally


We create innovative design solutions that are always influenced by our technical and manufacturing knowledge.

The design phase of our product development process defines the product direction and is integral to encapsulating the look, feel and user experience of the product. Our designers work collaboratively with you to explore and visualise ideas through techniques such as creative ideas sessions, digital sketching and iterative mock-up development. We apply a divergent > convergent approach to concept creation by first developing a spectrum of ideas and then refining this to a single, highly resolved design solution.

During design stages, we research user needs and benchmark competitor products to inspire ideas and create a product requirements specification to guide our recommendations.

  • Industrial design
  • Integrated engineering collaboration
  • Creative ideas sessions (KickStart)
  • Digital tablet sketching
  • Iterative design development and mock-ups
  • Ergonomic and anthropometric analysis
  • Alias surface CAD/CAID
  • User-interface (GUI) design
  • Design for Sustainability (DfS)


We use our technical knowledge and extensive experience to turn design ideas into manufacturable products. Our engineering team work is integrated into every project to develop and detail your product solution to be manufacturable.

Our rigorous and systematic engineering expertise has been finely tuned over our 20 years and hundreds of successful projects. Once the design has been finalised our team of engineers use computer aided design (CAD) software to detail and engineer the product to prepare it for manufacturing. Through our iterative prototyping process we analyse and refine the design through simulations and real tests to ensure everything is production ready.

When needed, we can also provide technical design and tooling management through the tooling phase to interface our client’s needs with manufacturing suppliers, whether they’re domestic or overseas.

  • Mechanical & production engineering
  • CAD modelling
  • Simulations; FEA, fluid, moldflow etc
  • In-house rapid prototyping & mechanical workshop
  • DfM Design for manufacture, cost reduction
  • In-house physical testing and specialist testing management
  • Production sourcing and tooling management

CG Imaging

We offer marketing support services that complement our product development process. Whilst developing the product solution we can generate additional materials such as marketing collateral, product packaging and IP documentation that can align with the design intent of the product.

These services can run in parallel to or following our product development services.

  • CG visualisations, illustrations & animations
  • Packaging design, structural
  • Point of sale, exhibition design
  • Product-specific support material
  • IP submission documentation, graphic design & print management
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