Interactive monitoring system designed for post-operative, cardiac patients

Designed by Cobalt in conjunction with VPMS, ST&D and world renowned bio-engineer Professor John Anderson, the sophisticated V-Patch technology platform analyses, stores and reports on a patient’s vital signs (such as ECG, respiration, blood pressure and oxygen levels, temperature and movement) using advanced patented biosensors, proprietary RF technology and cell-phone hardware.

The V-Patch system consists of three discrete units, each small enough so that users (regardless of gender, age or size) can comfortably wear the system discretely. The design accommodates unique magnetic electrode connectors for easy alignment, as well as a high level of water ingress resistance.

Cobalt also worked with VPMS to develop the company’s brand and design strategy.


  • Non-invasive system
  • Ergonomic for elderly & poor-dexterity users
  • Compact, comfortable & discrete
  • High water resistance


  • Injection moulded casings with flexible overmoulding for comfort & sealing
  • High ingress protection allowing people to wear whilst showering


  • Design strategy
  • Industrial Design
  • Mechanical configuration of sensory technology
  • Product Engineering
  • Branding and product graphics
  • Prototyping
  • Pilot production
  • Testing
  • Tooling management
  • Medical Device Design
  • Jack Magree
  • Lorrin Windahl

The complete V-Patch system overview

Primary sensing device including a micro-processor; particular effort was made to make V-Pod small and non-obtrusive, whilst still allowing (often elderly) patients the ability to easily connect and replace the unit’s batteries.

An ’in pocket’ device which uses a proprietary radio-frequency receiver and a cell-phone engine to connect the patient to expert monitored care.

A flexible, disposable pad adhered to the patient chest; the V-Patch contains biosensors and electrodes that sense a patient’s vital signs. The shape, material and method of mechanical and electrical attachment of the V-Patch was designed to be both functional and comfortable for 24/7 use.

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