The Hole Story

Leaders in their industry, Sutton Tools manufacture high-quality power tool accessories and cutting tools for the hardware market. Looking to improve their line of holesaws, Sutton engaged Cobalt to create a new cutting edge (pun intended) package design with significant advances in visual recognition, shelf optimisation, and re/usability.

To ensure the product’s security and retain a unique look, Cobalt developed an innovative and premium packaging range that distinguished them from competitor products.

The challenge was to create an adaptable family packaging system that would not only maximise shelf and shipping space, but also be flexible across Sutton’s wide SKU range of holesaws.

The result features clear and bold holesaw sizing and product-type colour coding, allowing customers and staff to easily identity the right product in the right size in-store.  We used the ‘teeth’ of the holesaws as a unique and intuitive aesthetic feature which visually unifies the range on-shelf. The redesigned packaging also reduces empty space around the product, which in turn allowed more product facings and sales within the same retail space.


  • Streamlined packaging allows for a wider range of product sizes to be displayed within the same retail space
  • Reduced packaging size and weight enables more efficient shipping and exports
  • Considered package design reduces manufacturing tooling logistics and setup time


  • Centred graphics makes holesaw size easier to identify
  • Each pack configured to allow for a range of different saw sizes to fit within
  • Packaging can be reused to safely store the product after purchase
  • Wraparound label allows product to be seen and offers a large space for user information on the rear


  • Industrial Design
  • Product Engineering
  • Tooling Management
  • Testing and Evaluation
  • Production Quality Control
  • Consumer Product Design
  • Jack Magree
  • Kate Bednarz
  • Andrew Fanning
  • Graeme Marshall
  • Craig Burton
  • Annalise Woolfe
  • Josh Henry
  • Mark Matthews-Frederick
  • Nathan Scanlon
  • Thao Nguyen

The key to usability

An initial step in the design process was to analyse the 106 different holesaw sizes across Sutton’s 4 ranges to determine the optimum size of each pack. This process also uncovered a key usability issue that customers often had to cut and therefore damage the sealed plastic packaging to release the product. With environmental impacts and convenience factors in mind, Cobalt identified an opportunity to redesign the packaging to be a re-usable storage vessel for the product.

Our improved design implements a unique hole on the back of the packaging in which customers can use to open the package easily with a screwdriver. The packaging can then be re-closed using the small clips around the seal to hold front and back together. This ensures that the product can be stored safely when not in use.

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